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Your Smile is Well Worth It.

Why Oral Hygiene Is So Important

Everyone understands the importance of visiting dentists regularly, but most adults still neglect their smiles in Mitchellville MD. Losing a tooth can be a traumatic event and doesn’t have to occur at all. General dentistry options provide you with ways to care for your mouth, including Lumineers, veneers, filling options, bonding, root canal treatment, prevention, and treatment of gum disease, mini dental implants, surgery, teeth whitening and Invisalign options. At Bowie Dental Wellness, we want you to understand that your oral hygiene is of great importance to us. We provide a variety of dental services to help you.


Stroke and Heart Disease


You might not realize that gum disease can lead to heart disease or a stroke. It can also exacerbate current health issues conditions you might have. About four out of five people in America have this problem but don’t realize it. Even a mild case of gum disease can cause other health challenges.


What to Do


The great news is that if you live in the Mitchellville, MD, area, you won’t have to worry. Whether you’re seeking cosmetic or general dentistry, we can help. We offer dental services, including:


• Filling options

• Bonding

• Mini dental implants

• Veneers

• Root canal

• Surgery

• Teeth whitening


Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on your mouth’s aesthetics and how good your smile looks, but we can also provide cleanings, x-rays, and other options. We can handle almost any situation, from regular checkups to orthodontics.


We know that might seem scary, but we’re here to make it easier. We will work hard to ensure that your smile looks the best it can be. Feel free to browse our site and learn more, or contact us today with any questions about your teeth or anyone else in your while family.