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Dental Vibe

The Wand

In a word, yes! Even if you aren't nervous about going to the dentist – who wants to feel even a little pain? Nobody! We are proud to be one of the first dental practices in our area to employ the very latest in dental technology that helps to eliminate the fear of needles. It's called DentalVibe™. This device sends gentle vibrations to the area of the injection. The vibrations are picked up by the nerve endings before the sensation of the needle. This essentially eliminates any pain messages and allows us to give you a comfortable, pain-free injection. Our patients routinely tell us they "didn't feel a thing!"

Let us introduce single-tooth anesthesia or the STA System™. The STA System uses the Wand™, a computer controlled anesthesia delivery system that provides immediate, pain free dental anesthesia for all injection types. This allows us to numb a specific area. If we need to numb one tooth, for example, we can. In only one or two minutes. It has revolutionized dental anesthesia by taking away the pain, anxiety, and stress associated with conventional syringes. For those who have fear of needles, this delivery system has been proven to be pain free in administration and throughout the treatment.

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You are leaving the dentist's office, and your face and lip feel HUGE. And they will for 3 to 5 hours. You feel disfigured and, because you cannot speak clearly, you hope you do not have to talk to anyone. We have the solution: OraVerse™. In as little as 15 minutes, your face and lip will feel normal.

Laughing Gas

Sedation makes treatment relaxing, so if you are nervous and want to relax—or calm but want to relax even more—we can give you nitrous oxide (laughing gas). You simply inhale it through a mask. Coupled with a local anesthetic, we assure you your treatment will be relaxing and pain-free. We also have blankets and heated towels available for patient comfort.

Call today to learn more about what we can do to make your dental procedure pain free!
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Had periodontal treatment today; my previous one was 2 years ago with a different dentist. The experience today was FABULOUS and completely PAIN FREE. Topical anesthetic was used so no numb tongue and lips to deal with for the rest of the day. This means a lot to me because I had to go immediately back to work! Three quadrants were completed in less than 1 hour. Dr. Holness always has a very gentle touch, is consistently attentive, and today very closely monitored my comfort level throughout the procedure. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a REALLY GOOD dentist. Plus, all of the office staff and dental assistants are kind, thorough, and professional. I could not ask for more.


-Darlene G.

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